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Chef - Tommi Bjørnsen
Location - Reine, Lofoten Islands. Norway
Design Team - Jordi Solench, Randstech
Equipment - Randstech

The chef Tommi Bjørnsen dreamt of a compact, efficient and beautiful open kitchen for his new project at the restaurant GADUS in Hamnøy, a small and charming fisherman village in the magnificent Lofoten Islands. At GADUS the traditional Italian cuisine meets the best products of the Lofoten Islands. With a tailor-made randstech central cooker composed of 4 inductions, a big plancha and a pasta boiler, the kitchen is completed with refrigerated benches, neutral areas and a heating bench. The pass is very close to the customers who enjoy the activity in the kitchen. The floor and the tiles in the walls are green which make this kitchen as a very original one.

Submitted by Jordi Solench of Randstech

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