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The content we produce on Flow is made possible by our global foodservice community. Our platform receives lot of projects every day with a mission to carefully curate and select the best foodservice spaces around the world.


By publishing your work, you can inspire the thousands of people following our various social media channels. In 2022 we reached over 15 million foodservice professionals. We are the only design network focusing on food and beverage operations displaying a new worldwide project everyday. 

Before clicking on the project submission form there is few things you need to prepare : 

  1. Make sure to have as much information regarding your project ready, not all fields are mandatory but this would help us be the most precise in our description: 

    • Restaurant & Project Name

    • Social Media Accounts (Chefs, Restaurants, Owners...)

    • Location (City & Country)

    • Design Team  (Architect, Interior Designer, Foodservice Consultant, Contractors... )

    • Photos, Videos & Architectural Drawings (Optional) ​​

    • Project Description (Optional)

  2. Upload the hyperlink of the completed folder to Google Drive, Dropbox, wetransfer or similar server in the flow submission form. 

To be published in our Project Spotlight, we would recommend to submit at least 5 photos or a video and a short project description. If we do not have sufficient contents about your project you might only be published on our social media channels Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Facebook. 

This makes the review process much more efficient and allows us to get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that only submissions that meet the requirements will be reviewed.

Our Numbers on Instagram - Q1 2023:

+ 6,200,000 accounts reached 

+ 110,000 foodservice lovers

 thousands likes 👍

A daily growing community of F&B professionals 

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