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The content we produce on Flow is made possible by our global foodservice community. Our platform receives lot of projects every day with a mission to carefully curate and select the best foodservice spaces around the world.


By publishing your work, you can inspire the thousands of people following our various social media channels. In 2023 our network grew to 210,000 foodservice professionals. We are the only design network focusing on food and beverage operations displaying a new worldwide project everyday. 

Before clicking on the project submission form there is few things you need to prepare : 

  1. Make sure to have as much information regarding your project ready, not all fields are mandatory but this would help us be the most precise in our description: 

    • Restaurant & Project Name

    • Social Media Accounts (Chefs, Restaurants, Owners...)

    • Location (City & Country)

    • Design Team  (Architect, Interior Designer, Foodservice Consultant, Contractors... )

    • Photos, Videos & Architectural Drawings (Optional) ​​

    • Project Description (Optional)

  2. Upload the hyperlink of the completed folder to Google Drive, Dropbox, wetransfer or similar server in the flow submission form. 

To be published in our Project Spotlight, we would recommend to submit at least 5 photos or a video and a short project description. If we do not have sufficient contents about your project you might only be published on our social media channels Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Facebook. 

This makes the review process much more efficient and allows us to get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that only submissions that meet the requirements will be reviewed.

Our Numbers on Instagram - Q3 2023:

+ 18,200,000 accounts reached 


 thousands of likes comments and shares on each posts 👍

A daily growing community of F&B professionals 

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How do I send a link transfer?

  • How do I submit my project?
    In our Submit a Project page you will be able to download a folder containing our guidelines and documents. Fill in the FLOW project submission form Please, add all the required files and complete the information in your dowloded folder Upload the completed folder to Google Drive, Dropbox or similar server and add the hyperlink into FLOW project submission form Once everything is ready, press Submit Most importantly, make sure the link is public or that we have permission to view and download!
  • How do I send a link transfer?
    You can share a Google drive, dropbox or similar server. We transfer is simple and easy to use. In this link you will find further explanation on how you can send a link transfer in the following video ​​ You still have a problem? You can reach out at
  • Do all projects get published?
    Every project goes through a curatorial process first. We have a team of curators that select the most innovative and outstanding projects to be published on the site. Everything you find on Flow has been specifically selected by a hardworking team that highlights the best projects out there, making our platform trustworthy and reliable for anyone searching for tools and inspiration.
  • What is Flow looking for in each project?
    We select and feature those that provide knowledge, tools, and inspiration to our users. Therefore, we look for interesting and innovative solutions in the foodservice industry in terms of equipment, operations, programmatic proposals, architectural context, materials or structure.
  • What do I have to submit?
    In this Form you will find the whole set of requirements. In order for our curators to fully understand the publication and make a decision, it is important that you include all the information required. At least: Information and Project Description Photographs: Ideally 5 images, JPG files, 72 dpi, color, 2880px width. If you have more, feel free to send them. This will give us more options to choose from and showcase your project to its fullest potential. In order to have complete and exhaustive publications, this is a mandatory requirement.
  • What happens once I submit my project?
    Once you complete the submission process, projects are then reviewed by our curators, who discuss projects among each other. If your submission is selected for publication, the project will be published online on our social media channels. As soon as it is online, we will of course tag you and sometimes send an email with the link so you can view your project.
  • Does publishing at Flow have a cost?
    No, Flow is a free online platform that does its best to provide collaborative and democratic access to foodservice design knowledge. For this reason, we do not charge nor pay for the publication.
  • Do I need permission to submit my own work?
    Before submitting, please let other authors, photographers and owners involved, know that the project will be published at Flow, and make sure everyone is on the same page. From our end, we give credits accordingly, so please include all the information regarding the design team, collaborators, consultants, and photographers when necessary. At Flow, we are not able to pay for photography but we always make sure credits, links and full copyright details are properly shown.
  • Do I get to decide the layout/order of the graphic material?
    We have a specialized team with a vast knowledge of our users’ and internet behavior. You can be sure that our curators will organize and present the information in the most appropriate way to get the most out of each and every project . As we do not make major edits to the text, please make sure to send a final and proofread version.
  • Is it possible to have a preview before publishing the project?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide previews of the publication. Don’t worry, the highly experienced Flow team will show the project’s best potential.
  • Can I make corrections once the project is published?
    We all make mistakes. In case of any error, let us know at and we’ll get back to you once it’s fixed. We will only make one correction if necessary, so please double check the texts for spelling mistakes or missing credits before submitting the information
  • Will my project be featured on all Flow's Social Media channels?
    Unfortunately, not all projects are featured on Facebook nor Instagram. We have a Social Media Team in charge of selecting which projects and articles will be featured across our platforms. Therefore, we cannot ensure that they will choose your project. Finally, please remember that by submitting material to publish on Flow you are authorizing its use on all Flow digital channels.
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