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Caffeine on the Go - The World's Coolest Coffee Carts!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Coffee is ranked as the third most favoured drink after water and tea when it comes to consumer preferences, so no wonder it has become an essential in our day to daily lives and convieniently available on the go everywhere. We did our coffee research and came across some of the coolest and quirkiest coffee carts from different parts of the world. Let’s have a look at some of them so you know where to get your coffee fix from next time you are in that city.

Nestled in a beautiful part of London, Dear Coco is owned by Emma Duckworth who is a Recipe developer, stylist and a food photographer. Emma along with her husband, and her 5 kids, sell specialty Australian coffee and some stunning baked goods on the Thames River. They named their coffee cart after their 5-year old daughter, Coco and they aim to create a brick and mortar experience on the street.

Location - Chiswick, London, England

Instagram Handle - @dearcocolondon


Livious Coffee Bike is a compact coffee bike parked on Jalan Lombok and serves some delicious coffee as well as non-coffee drinks. It is a unique concept in Bandung and has already been a hit.

Location - Bandung, Indonesia

Instagram Handle -


Located in Germany, the Barista Family combines tradition with modernity. They serve classic and modern coffee specialities and also collaborate for events such as weddings, corporate events or even trade fairs. Their vision lies in connecting with their customers whether sustainably or by creating a coffee community.

Location - Cologne, Germany

Instagram Handle -


4. Mataya

Partnering with big brands and going all over the city of Mandurah, Mataya is situated in Western Australia and moves their quirky little coffee cart from place to place for private and corporate events.

Location - Mandurah, Western Australia

Instagram Handle - @mataya_eatery


A vintage motorcycle built in 1975 in Russia is customised with an iconic coffee machine and serves coffee on the go in Edinburgh. It is compact, it is quirky and absolutely beautiful. Travelling all around Edinburgh, they also bring their vintage coffee motorcycle to special events while serving some great coffee.

Location - Edinburgh, Scotland

Instagram Handle - @ride.grind


This is not just another Coffee Car(t). It is Australia’s most iconic espresso bar which is built in an SUV. They have a La Marzocco coffee machine installed inside and brew up stunning cups of coffee whilst driving around Australia. They also sell their own coffee beans across Australia through their website.

Location - Queensland, Australia

Instagram Handle - @espresso_seventy9


Stationed in Bandung, this caravan is a small espresso bar by the Gedogan Coffee House. They serve a variety of coffees, shakes and snacks. Serving fabulous coffee at affordable prices, they are a must try.

Location - Bandung, Indonesia

Instagram Handle - @gedogancoffeehouse


8. Edinburgh Police Box Converted into a Coffee Hut

Source - Susan Gwynn Lloyd

A criminal charge or a cappuccino, we are still not sure. This cute little coffee hut is a treasure in Edinburgh. A super quirky coffee shop that will definitely catch your attention is a small coffee hut which was earlier the Edinburgh police box.

Location - Edinburgh, Scotland


Coffee in a tuk-tuk! Yes, you heard it right. Martin takes his tuk-tuk around Pretoria and brews some great Plato Coffee in some stunning locations. The tuk-tuk is redecorated with beautiful lights hanging from the top and can be booked for your special events in South Africa.

Location - Pretoria, South Africa

Instagram Handle - @martinfunrooyen


Coffee on a sidecar. Living by the motto, Fast Life - Slow Coffee, they serve freshly brewed coffee on a sidecar in this fast moving environment in some beautiful cities of the South of France. Brewing cups of joe in Montpellier since 2019, The Last Cup steals the show with its vintage sidecar which has the iconic La Marzocco coffee machine installed in it along with a beautiful café setup.

Location - Montpellier, France

Instagram Handle - @thelastcup


A customised horse trailer converted into a coffee box, pops up in different locations and events like weddings, fairs and a lot more around Nottinghamshire and beyond. The coffee box trailer concept keeps changing from coffee to sometimes Gin or Prosecco and a lot more.

Location - Nottinghamshire, England

Instagram Handle - @boxed_drinks


Serving some high quality Italian coffee, Café Alpin is a small little café made in a beautiful little blue three-wheeler which is parked in places which serve up stunning views of The Alps in Chamonix. They keep moving around to resorts in The Alps and are sometimes even transported to different places by helicopter!

Location - Chamonix, France

Instagram Handle - @cafealpin


A cute little café in a cute little car. The Barista Roman has literally 4 coffee drinks on their menu and go around Switzerland brewing some great coffee and showing some stunning latte art. The café is set up at the back of the car with a beautiful wooden table and a small La Marzocco coffee machine in mat black colour.

Location - Biel, Switzerland

Instagram Handle - @thebaristaroman


To put out fire or to fire up the coffee machine? This mini fire truck right here is converted into an espresso truck and serves great coffee, toasties and brownies. Brewing around Cheltenham, they also serve in weddings and various other events.

Location - Gloucestershire, England

Instagram Handle - @fire_truck_espresso


How about an exquisite cigar to complement your coffee? Fuego is a mobile trailer going around Central Florida serving coffee along with cigars. They have a small setup with foldable tables in front of the trailer which turns into one of the premium lounges in Tampa Bay. They also take bookings for weddings, corporate events and parties.

Location - Florida, USA

Instagram Handle - @fuegomobilecigars


These unusual and stunning coffee carts are definitely a must-try if you are visiting one of these countries. They are not just interesting in terms of their infrastructure and design but also have exceptionally high standards in terms of coffee craft.

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We are always curious to learn more in our industry. Please drop us a line on if you are an owner of a coffee cart and would like to be listed in our next revision or would like to recommend any update in our article!

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