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The World's Most Spectacular Wine Cellars

Wine lovers know that a great bottle of wine is only half the equation – the other half is the experience of enjoying it. And what better setting to savor a delicious vintage than in a world-class restaurant with a wine cellar to match?

From grand, centuries-old cellars to cutting-edge, temperature-controlled marvels, these restaurants boast wine collections that are as impressive as the food they serve. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best restaurant wine cellars in the world, from Macau to the Maldives and beyond.


Tour d’Argent, Paris

The oldest restaurant in Paris, also houses the oldest cellar in Paris which dates back to 1582. Although this iconic house which overlooks Notre Dame has welcomed all the greatest celebrities and politicians, but few have ventured into it's underbelly, which are under lock and key and located on the second floor. The keeper of the key is David Ridgeway, who has been head sommelier since 1986. He has curated an extraordinary list of over 350,000 bottles, including wine dating back to 1858 and even some pre-French Revolution champagne.

Number of bottles: 350,000

Built in: 1582 Michelin star: * Country: France

Image from La Tour d'Argent Facebook page


Le Cirque, New York

While diners include the likes of Nicole Kidman, Tony Bennett and Martha Stewart, you may actually be starstuck by their custom designed 27-foot kaleidoscope wine tower.

When the restaurant went through a $18 million refurbishment in 2006, the 16,000 square foot restaurant is designed with a real focus on the wine.

The glass and steel tower which reaches from the ground floor of the restaurant up to the mezzanine holds about 1,800 bottles of red wine. Another 4,000 bottles of white and rose are stored in the back of house, and champagnes will be held in other specially built storage units.

The tower alone, without the contents, cost well over $1 million to construct, and was designed by Adam Tihany.

Image from Le Cirque Facebook page

Number of bottles: 6,000

Built in: 2006 Michelin star: * Country: USA


Radisson SAS Hotel, London

Next time you are transiting through Stanstead airport, make a little extra time to drop into the Radisson hotel for an extraordinary wine experience.

Above the bar area stands a 43ft tower which holds 2,800 bottles. It is staffed by flying wine waitresses ‘Angels’ who are trained aerialists in acrobatic harnesses. When you order, they fly up the tower to pick out your wine from the climate controlled racks.

Accordong to architect Jeremy Thom : "The tower is surrounded by a glass enclosure with a pyramid cap that maintains a higher internal pressure within it. Each wine case of a dozen bottles has, on its rear face, an independently programmed blue-green electroluminescent light panel, normally set at 50% brightness. This is triggered by each order from the cash register in the bar to illuminate the selected case at 100% which indicates to the Angels the case to fly to and the bottle of wine to retrieve."

Number of bottles: 2,800

Built in: 2006 Michelin star: N/A Designer: Jeremy Thom

Country: UK

Images from Jeremy Thom


Vinum, Huvafen Fushi Hotel, Maldives

This cellar is a treasure trove of rare vintages, hidden gems by the thousands which is eight meters below sea level. Vinum is the Maldives’ first underground wine cellar, and makes for an exceptional setting for tastings, dinners and celebrations. Guests of the luxury hotel and restaurant can treat themselves to a $500 degustation menu with the choice of over 400 wines.

Image from Huvafen Fushi

Number of bottles: 5,000

Built in: 2004 Michelin star: N/A Country: The Maldives


Atlas Bar, Singapore

Although this stunning art deco venue may look over 100 years old, it was actually built in 2002. ATLAS was created by Parkview Square's developers, the Hwang family, who set out to build a warm, welcoming destination with a real sense of occasion. And they cvertainly have put together a list of wines and spirits to toast to any occasion. As of 2022, the collection stands at 50,000 bottles of fine wine, including one of Asia's largest champagne. The tower is dedicated to the gin collection, with more than 1,300 gins in all including sample London dry gins from as far back as 1910.

Images from Atlas Bar's Facebook page

Number of bottles: 50,000

Built in: 2002 Michelin star: N/A Country: Singapore


Robuchon au Dôme, Macau

Robuchon au Dôme, the French restaurant in the penthouses of the Grand Lisboa Casino, enjoys not only the best views of Macau ut also Asia'a largest wine list. The cellars include over 16,800 labels, has been honored with inclusion on the World of Fine Wine’s 2016 World’s Best Wine List as well as Wine Spectator’s Grand Award.

The wines are stored in stunning custom made cellars over two floors, as well as Locked away in cellars in the basement in different temperature areas.

Number of bottles: over 500,000

Built in: 2007 Michelin star: *** Country: China

Images from Robuchon au Dome's Facebook page


67 Pall Mall - Singapore

With over 1,000 wines by the glass, the Singapore club of 67 Pall Mall certainly is a place to rejoice winelovers. One of the key challenges is building the penthouse club was installing the 6 metre high wine tower. It holds over 1,000 bottles and even has a tiny elevator for bottles to travel up and down.

Number of bottles: ,000

Built in: 2021 Michelin star: N/A Country: Singapore

Images from 67 Pall Pall's Facebook page


Oxala Restaurant, Portugal

At first glance, one might think they have entered a spaceship, and this cellar can certainly take it's guests on a wine journey. Clever lighting and a domed ceiling with inbuilt hanging racks, make their cellar a very special place to eat and enjoy their sumptuous food.

Number of bottles: 50,000

Built in: 2002 Michelin star: N/A Country: Portugal

Image from Oxala's Facebook page


La Cite du Vin, Bordeaux

The Cité du Vin is a museum as well as a place of exhibitions, shows, movie projections and academic seminars around Bordeaux wines.

The project cost over 80 million euro to build, and one of the highlights is the Latitude20 wine cellar which showcases wines from over 70 countries. Screens around the cellar give the drinker access to information on the 800 available labels, totalling to over 14,000 bottles.

Number of bottles: 14,000

Built in: 2014 Michelin star: N/A

Country: France

Image from La Cite du Vin's Facebook page


Argiano, Brunello di Montalcino

The historical cellars of Argiano have been inoperation since 1850. In addition to the astonishing renovated cellar, it is one of the most famous brands of Italian wine , and the grounds include not only a winery and a wine resort but now a villa-museum, surrounded by its 125 hectares of olive groves and vineyards (58 hectares of vineyards, of which 22 are Brunello). They produce 275.000 bottles a year of which 100.000 are Brunello, and are aged quietly in these spectacular cellars.

Number of bottles: 275,000

Built in: 1850 Michelin star: N/A Country: Italy

Image from Argiano's Facebook page


L'Intendant, Bordeaux

L'intendant in Bordeaux France is a wine shop with fine vintages dating back to 1945 displayed along the walls of a circular stairway. It is owned by Duclot one of Bordeauxd largest negociants who also boast Petrus in their portfolio, so there is no lack of exceptional bottles in their stock. As you ascend the grand stairway, bottle sizes go from 375ml to 9000ml.

If you can't make it to Bordeaux, you can visit their shop virtually here.

Number of bottles: Duclot has several million bottles on hand at any one time in L'Intendant, their other outlets Chatenet, and their 20,000m2 warehouse.

Built in: 1986 Michelin star: N/A Country: France


Aureole Restaurant, Las Vegas

Another stunning bar blessed with Wine Angels, but across the ditch in Vegas. This cellar is always 70% humidity and between 12 to 15 celcius, and the magic happens when angels use a hidden remote control to fly up to stock or pick up the wines. Aureole is located at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip

Number of bottles: 10,000

Built in: 2017 Michelin star: N/A Country: USA


Look no further than the world's best restaurant wine cellars. These establishments boast impressive collections of vintage wines, paired with delectable cuisine and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. From historic cellars to state-of-the-art temperature-controlled rooms, these restaurants offer the perfect setting to savor a delicious bottle. In this article, we'll explore the top restaurant wine cellars in the world, including their unique features and location. Discover the best wine and dining experiences for your next night out or special occasion.

This article was written in collaboration with Champagne Every Day, Jewelry for wine lovers. To view their collection of jewelry at .

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