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Crazy Foodservice Equipment Installations !

From planning to installing equipment, a large number of elements are considered to accommodate an appliances in a new F&B venue. Today, we are not talking about technical requirements here, you have got your installation manual for that!

But we will showcase deliveries of foodservice equipment in some unique areas and strange corners of the world.

Ok just imagine, you spent hours designing your dream custom piece of equipment and it is now time to bring it to reality and put it at the right position.

What if your equipment is to be placed in an unusual location? Indeed, some of the most prestigious restaurants are located in unique spots. The simple question to start with is, do you even have a road?

Also, depending on the type of appliances, sometimes exhaust canopy or a custom cooking suite have to be placed into position in a room at the very early stage during the construction process. It often happens that the walls or other architectural surroundings are built around them. This should remind you to use high quality & reliable appliances, indeed you will not have a second opportunity to do so!

Feel free to reach out to our team if you need to be put in contact with our community of Foodservice Consultants or Suppliers who have great expertise in this specialized project.

An in the meantime, let us take you on some of the unusual and unique deliveries of foodservice equipment for some of the most prestigious restaurants across the world:

Ibergeregg Pass, Switzerland

It is not everyday you get your Rational Self Cooking Centre being delivered in snow mobile! Nice work by Mettler Gastrotechnik AG in the beautiful canton Schwys in Switzerland for the alpine dairy & dairy in Zwäcken. They are well experienced and customer oriented with an expertise in setting up foodservice equipment across the swizz Alps.


Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory

Target Catering Equipment taking height to the next level, with the hanging cooking suite being delivered in Gibraltar:


Säntis, Switzerland

Quite an artistic shot, we nearly could frame this one, don't you think?

This is the delivery of appliances at 2500m above sea level at Säntis which is the highest mountain in the Alpstein massif of northeastern Switzerland. The only solution for this was to use a helicopter as stated by Daniel Ramos who helped in the installation of this Menu System unit.


Unknown, Italy

Even at street level, this one shows the complexity of unloading a single piece cooking suite which we believe to be a Molteni. Glad this trick was equipped with the a lifting arm to carry this crates from ground floor to first floor. Unfortunately we do not know the exact location in Italy, let us know if you do.


Rome, Italy

Ok, it is 4am in the morning in the center of Rome, Italy. You hold your breath and watch this DeManincor flying over the street to be delivered in Ristorante Giuda Ballerino on the roof top of Albergo Bernini Bristol.


Disentis, Switzerland

Pizza ovens when delivered in one piece are definitely something special. Claudio Vicano, an award winning pizzaiolo & well-known name in the pizza business captures the unloading of the pizza oven for the setup of a restaurant in Disentis, Switzerland.


Sicily, Italy

Remember how we mentioned having a road access to you restaurant was also important part? Here's another one of Demanincor's installation for 2 Michelin star Chef Giancarlo Perbellini's restaurant.

Only an excavator could take the custom cooking suite in Locanda Perbellini al mare's Kitchen.


French Alps, France

Another helicopter delivery by Virtus Group GmbH in some of the highest mountain peaks.


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We are always curious to learn more in our industry. Please drop us a line on if your are a manufacturer and help in the installations of foodservice equipments and would like to be listed in our next revision or would like to recommend any update in our article!

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