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Most Popular Combi Ovens in the Market in 2022!

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

The production of food on a large scale has always been tedious task to achieve in the kitchen. But, the invention of the combination oven or how you call it the combi-oven has made large scale food production not only achievable but also convenient. The intelligent design of this equipment puts three modes of cooking in one oven that includes cooking with steam, with hot air circulation or a combination of both. Combination mode is useful when it comes to reheating foods as well as roasting and baking. Steam is effective when it comes to delicate items like vegetables and shellfish whilst the hot air circulation can be used to operate like a regular convection oven for making pastries, cookies and cakes.

Many food establishments have been able to get a hold of this technology while some are still on the way to embrace this technology. For the ones working with this equipment, it has immensely helped them to minimise the time spent on cooking and rather focus on the process of creation and bring the kitchen to a more efficient level.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to buying a combi-oven. However, selecting the right one based on your requirements is what is important. Our lineup of some of the best combi-ovens in the market will help you to choose from a wide range.

Founded on the basis of manufacturing defrosting and regenerating appliances, it launches the first fully electronically controlled HUD convection steamer which was launched in 1982. Achieving the distinction of being the first convection steamer manufacture, it received the TUV-certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 in 1995. With 24 different models to meet the requirement of any type of food business, Convotherm offers a large selection of convection steamers and equipments across the world.

The different ranges of Convotherm combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

The Convotherm 4 offers a range of 7 combi-ovens in different sizes and each model offers a set of features which are convenient from person to person. It comes with an easyTouch and easyDial for manual and automated processes or maximum individuality.

Applying the principles and operations of the professional bakers, Convotherm 4 BAKE offers modern principles and comes in 2 different sizes depending on the production of the food establishment.

This is a new family of combi-ovens by Convotherm and offers a wide range of features. Convotherm Maxx also comes in 2 sizes.

This range of combi-ovens are the best of the smallest. Convotherm Mini allows industry professionals to install a professional combi-oven in the tightest storage spaces. It comes in a range of 7 models and 2 different colours.

Founded by Siegfried Meister, 45 years ago he began producing hot air technology for improved hot food preparation in kitchens. Seigfried along with the team in 1976, added steam to the hot dry air combined with a patented control system and the combisteamer was invented. Rational has a range of 2 combi-ovens which are equipped in a large number of food establishments.

The different range of Rational combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

One of the world's most intelligent combi-steamer, iCombi Pro comes with a wide range of features and helps in preparing a wide variety of dishes like fish, poultry, sides or baked goods.

Productive, Robust and Reliable, the iCombi Classic is a multitalented and quickly becomes the indispensable assistant in the kitchen. It replaces numerous conventional cooking appliances.

3. MKN

Starting off as agricultural machinery company in 1946, MKN grew and evolved its market in professional kitchenware by customising installations of kitchen stations. German specialist in thermal professional cooking technology, they have been working on new and intelligent ideas for kitchens since the past 75 years. They have a wide variety of equipments which range from combisteamers to kitchen work stations.

The different range of MKN combi-steamers are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

With an easy load and easy touch technology, the FlexiCombi is a convenient equipment for a lot of food establishments. It has crosswise insertion which allows it to handle heavy trays easily without having to change the grip. The FlexiCombi comes in 2 different models that are FlexiCombi Magicpilot and FlexiCombi Classic. The Magicpilot comes in 5 different sizes based on your convenience and the Classic in 3 different sizes.

Precisely designed to cater to the future requirements, the SpaceCombi is a small format combisteamer which is packed with all the features which are present in the big models. Its speciality is that it takes very less space and is quite flexible and still fit gastronorm tray GN1/1.

The SpaceCombi comes in 4 different models depending on your requirement and size.

Small, powerful and versatile, MKN Junior is small on the outside but big on the inside. It can be used for daily use in the kitchen and is one of the smallest combi-steamer by MKN. It has compelling function and is packed with practical solutions for users. It is ideal for professional as well as flexible production of smaller batches with a top-notch food quality. It comes in 2 different models Junior and Junior Classic which are differentiated by their tray size as they use gastronorm GN2/3.

4. Lainox

Founded in 1981, Lainox has been completely involved in the designing and manufacturing of combi-steamers. Lainox offers a range of combi-steamers which not only cater to the needs of professional food establishments but also for domestic cooking. Their focus lies in providing a greater experience, innovation and providing top class quality to their consumers.

The different range of Lainox combi-steamers are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

The professional equipment for your kitchen, Naboo comes with the option to grill, fry, roast and steam cook. One of the best combi-oven by Lainox, it comes packed with experience, efficiency, intelligence and robustness. It comes in 3 different models based on your food establishment. These models are Naboo Boosted, Compact Naboo and Aroma Naboo.

With simple and manual controls along with the precision of digital controls, Sapiens assists you in preparing the most complex of dishes. Suitable for everyone, it is receptive to commands and and is traditional in its approach. It comes in 3 different models based on your convinience. These models are Sapiens Boosted, Compact Sapiens and Aroma Sapiens.

World's largest appliance manufacturer, Electrolux offers a wide range of kitchen appliances. It launched its first combi-oven in 1977, and it still remains one of the greenest combi-ovens. The combi-ovens offer a wide range of features and ensures uniform heat distribution and a constant temperature.

The different models of Electrolux combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

With reduced running costs, smart technology and human centred designs, the SkyLine combi ovens are going to change the way you cook. Providing greater efficiency and profit, it saves up to 10% on energy costs. The SkyLine comes in a range of 6 models differentiated by sizes and featurs.

With nearly 100 years of history, Angelo Po has been a market leader in the design and production of professional equipments for the catering industry worldwide. Delivering super quality solutions and anticipating the most innovative trends, their range of combi ovens are one of the best in the market and provide a first class finish.

The different range of Angelo Po combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

A complete professional catering appliance, ACT.O comes with a multimedia platform to optimise resources and maximum efficiency. Providing the best cooking performance, it comes with a high definition control panel which can be linked to mobile devices, tablets and the office PC. It comes in 10 different models based on their sizes and features.

Fully developed in collaboration with the best chefs from around the world, Combistar FX is is built of 95% recyclable materials and helps in reducing the power consumption by 60%. It comes with a high resolution touch controls and a handle push. It comes in 35 different models depending on the different sizes and features. Check them out here!

An integrated oven with a blast chiller system, BE-1 has been carefully designed keeping a number of aspects in mind. It allows you to manage two appliances with a single interface. It allows you to with two top-of-the-line machines as if they were one and in a simple, intuitive and convenient way. It can be configured in 3 different way, which makes it adaptable to any workspace or chef's requirements.

A heavy-duty machine, the Combistar BX is multifunctional combination oven guaranteeing an optimal price-quality ratio. It is digital, precise and is equipped with a number of cooking and heating programs. With the APM Active system, it helps in improving the cooking quality. It comes in 4 different models differentiated by size and features.

The best compact combi oven, CombiFIT is designed to deliver the best performance-size ratio. Taking up half the space of a standard combi oven, it is only 52cm wide and is perfect for domestic use also. It is a great combi oven packed with a number of features.

Providing pioneered foodservice solutions since 1955, Alto-Shaam has built itself on its consumer's confidence and embrace a number of innovative approaches. They have intuitive and dependable designs which has helped them to provide cutting-edge kitchen solutions and write a number of success stories.

The wide range of Alto-Shamm combitherm combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

The smallest combi-oven in Alto-Shaam's range, CT Express is designed in a manner to fit your space, your budget and even your cooking production needs.

A technologically advanced commercial oven, the CT Porformance is the most intuitive industrial combi oven and is packed with innovative features in and out.

Featuring a classic control, the CT Classic comes with a simple and intuitive push button operation and icons that easy to use and identify.

The Alto-Shaam Combitherm Combi Oven range comes in 13 different models which can be found here.

8. Eloma

Based on a blend of traditional and modern, Eloma is known for its combisteamers that are made with exceptional German engineering and craftsmanship. Founded in 1975 in Germany, Eloma started off small and was inspired by the chicken roasting businesses. It was started by 3 young men who built a chicken griller in a garage near Munich. Being an electric machine, they named it Elo-ma. They launched their first combisteamer in 1998 and named it Joker.

The different range of Emola combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

The fully configurable class of combi-ovens, JOKER is space efficient, provides maximum flexibility and comes in contemporary designs. It comes in 3 different sizes and allows you to experiment around with tray sizes depending on your requirement.

Designed for every operator and every operation, the GENIUS MT provides maximum performance whether in a catering establishment, multi-chain or restaurant operation. Due to its advanced MT-technology, it is the perfect combi-steamer for any operation. It comes with an efficient system and is ecologically economic. This comes in 7 different models based on the sizes and features.

Known as the craftsman for makers, the MULTIMAX simply concentrates on the the essentials and is not so complicated to use. It comes with easier controls, a full steamer along with a multi-eco system and 8 operating modes that range from 30°C to 300°C. It comes in 4 different models differentiated by their size and features.


Founded in 1990, Unox broke into the market of professional ovens with a product which was designed to bake frozen bread and croissant without proofing. With efficiency, optimisation and perseverance, they have studied and improved every detail of their products to provide top-notch experiences to their customers.

Unox has a wide range of combi-ovens for chefs, professionals and bakers. You can find a list of all their models here. Some of the top known models are mentioned below:

The intelligent combi-oven which helps in carrying out any type of cooking in any environment. It gives you an option to choose between electric and manual models and comes packed with tons of features which even allows you to roast 48 chickens at once in 39 minutes.

A benchmark oven in terms of baking performance, automatic programming, artificial intelligence and internet connectivity. It comes in a range of models which have different features and sizes to fit the requirements of every food establishment.

Find out more about Unox combi-ovens here.


Founded in 1929, PALUX has been delivering innovative products, efficient integral kitchen concepts, and high quality of combi-ovens made in Germany. Over the past decades, it has becomes one of the world's leading suppliers of competent kitchen technology and integrated concepts for professional kitchens.

The different range of PALUX combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

A combi-steamer packed with 5 manual modes of operation, PALUX Touch 'n' Steam is innovation, easy to read, capacitive high resolution touch screen for fast operations. It is compact and easy to use and can be conveniently accommodated in any kitchen.

11. HOBART (also known under the brand Bonnet)

Providing reliable and high quality kitchen equipment, HOBART is a professional in every kitchen. It helps in achieving efficiency in the kitchen and delivery high quality experiences to the professionals.

The wide range of HOBART combi-ovens are shown below and further information can be provided on the website linked to it.

HOBART COMBI is a high quality combi-oven which allows you to cook high quality food at a fast pace and provides you with reliable results. It comes in 9 different models based on different sizes and features packed in every model.

HOBART COMBI-plus comes packed with features which make it easier for all operators to achieve their expected results. With a FastPAD control, it has 70 different programmes which give excellent results. It comes in 7 different models based on different sizes and features.


Bringing people together to the table, Hounö is known for providing thrilling and great experiences with its range of combi ovens. It is highly versatile, user-friendly and reliable and used by a large number of industry professionals. They have even designed combi ovens which are suitable for cooking on ships and cruises.

Hounö has been developing and producing combi ovens since 1977 in Denmark and were among the first to produce them in the world. To offer flexibility, reliability and very best of cooking results, they help you decide the best size and combi oven based on your food establishment.

Hounö comes in 2 different models which have a range of sizes under them. You can find a list of all their models here.

With a range of 11 combi ovens in different sizes and packed with numerous features, Visual Cooking models come in two ranges, where one is equipped with a touch screen and the other is operated manually.

The CombiSlim is designed keeping the size of the kitchen in mind. It is compact and measures 51.3 cm in width and is ideal for small-scale kitchens. It comes in 4 different models based on different sizes and features.


Founded in 1960, Fagor has been a leading manufacturer of hotel, food service and laundry equipment. With an experience of 60 years, they offer a wide and comprehensive range of products under this name.

The range of commercial combi ovens by Fagor has been designed to get the best out of every kitchen. Below is the range of their combi-ovens along with the website linked for more information.

A flexible combi oven that accommodates all requirements and spaces, the Commercial Combi Oven range is comes in 5 sizes with varying features with an option of gas or electric. The best you can get for your food establishment.

The compact oven to optimise your space and investment. Optima is the perfect equipment for a small-scale kitchen where space is limited. It fits perfectly in any kitchen and is packed with the same cooking power and robustness as the higher capacity professional. It is also the best combi coven at an affordable price.

It comes in 2 different models with an option of manual operations or a touch screen.

14. Retigo

Founded in 1994, Retigo is a Czech company that has a narrow specialisation in steam combi ovens. With a focus on quality and affordability of its products, it has flexibly reacted to the needs of it customers and delivered outstanding results. Their prime prerequisites of success are providing an exceptional level of sale and post-sales services.

The range of Retigo combi ovens is called VISION COMBI OVENS and comes in a wide range of 3 different categories which further have different sizes available in them.

The Blue Vision combi oven range is the highest model series of Retigo. It is designed to offer the demanding needs of every user and comes in 8 different models with varying sizes, features and the number of meals that can be cooked in them.

The Orange Vision Plus range of ovens come packed with completely new standards, combining simplicity and operations with its touch screen. A wide range of optional configurations allows the device to be tailored according to the needs of the kitchen. It comes in 8 different models with varying sizes, features and kitchen requirements.

The Orange Vision series of combi ovens are created for customers with fewer demands on the amount of function in the basic configuration. It puts emphasis on high quality and easy controls. This range of combi ovens are equipped only with an automatic cleaning system and essential basic functions. It comes in 8 different models with varying sizes, features and kitchen requirements.

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